A Writer’s Love

I’m less than 13,000 words from the end of the final version of Antebellum. All during this rewrite, I have been grappling with a constant concept: This is [hopefully, regretfully] the last time.

This is the last time I will be generating large amounts of completely new content. This is the last time my characters will surprise me with their own observations and revelations.

I have felt an increased tenderness towards them as the rewrite marches on. In the beginning it was exciting, in the middle a chore to just add words every day, but now that I’m approaching the end the process has become precious. I want to curl up with my words and relish the last few times I’ll be spending in this world.

I know I have edits ahead of me, then agent edits, then hopefully publisher edits, and if not we might have to consider doing another complete rewrite, but if all goes well this is IT. No more possibilities for huge plot changes. No more chances to explore different parts about their world.

I think about my characters a lot these days, as my friends. I will have to say goodbye to them one day. Perhaps soon.

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