ANTEBELLUM Title Change!

Previously when ANTEBELLUM was on submissions, several editors commented that they had thought the book was going to be about the American Civil War, and as such were less-than-enthusiastic about approaching it. Therefore, a name change was in the works for a while, and today I got the official clearance from my agent to make my proposed change!

Therefore, I’m very excited to announce that Antebellum will now be known as…


I love how it has a catchier, more YA feel to it! If I were browsing in a bookstore I would definitely pick that up and see what it’s about.

Now I have to go through and change everywhere I had said Antebellum. XD

As for the rewrite… it’s progressing slowly. I made a very significant character change that’s going to unite all parts of the book that I’m terriblly proud of/excited about. I’ve hit the half-way point of the book where the writing changed from ‘slow and cautious’ to ‘get this shit written!’ so editing has gotten progressively slower. But I’m loving the process, and loving how everything is coming together.

I hope you all are having a lovely holiday season so far!

22 thoughts on “ANTEBELLUM Title Change!

  1. secretdoorways says:

    BRILLIANT :D I have to say I like the whole Latin-y feel to the name Antebellum. I was like, whoa, super deep. But I think Nameless fits it more.

    When I first saw the name Antebellum, I was thinking biblical, revelations-end-of-the-world tangent. So s’all good!

  2. emyshin says:

    I love NAMELESS. A very intriguing and pretty title — I’d definitely pick it up. :)

    (Also, it doesn’t hurt that I have a propensity to title all my novels –LESS.)

  3. lalaith7 says:

    NAMELESS is so perfect, especially for the re-write. It’s feels very current and YA and catchy but also describes a huge piece of the book (IIRC). Much better than Woman’s World, right?

      • Anderson auto insurence says:

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  4. pkdrbeksfybw says:

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