Books Ordered

Thank you so much everyone for your suggestions! I looked up every book and ordered the ones that I think I’d enjoy most:

Sabriel by Garth Nix
Enchantment by Oson Scott Card
The Buffalo Soldiers by Chris Bohjalian
The Book Thief by Chris Bohjalian
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley
Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky
Brightly Woven by Alexandra Bracken
Tell-All by Chuck Palahniuk
Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant
The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

I have to say that I’m disappointed in you guys though… no one recommended the books that /I/ always recommend to people ;-)

Thanks again!

10 thoughts on “Books Ordered

  1. lakramer14 says:

    Great list! I’m currently devouring and falling in love with THE BLUE SWORD, and those on the list I haven’t read I’m really eager to read. So if my taste is anything to go by, they’re some great buys!

  2. lalaith7 says:

    I didn’t recommend The Hunger Games, The Blue Sword, or Sabriel because for some reason I had it in my mind that you’d already read them, so I’m very happy that you picked them.

  3. buffalosoldier9 says:

    Buffalo Soldiers

    Keep telling that history:

    Read the novel, Rescue at Pine Ridge, “RaPR”, where Buffalo Bill Cody meets a Buffalo Soldier. A great story of black military history…the first generation of Buffalo Soldiers.

    How do you keep a people down? ‘Never’ let them ‘know’ their history.

    The 7th Cavalry got their butts in a sling again after the Little Big Horn Massacre, fourteen years later, the day after the Wounded Knee Massacre. If it wasn’t for the 9th Cavalry Buffalo Soldiers, there would of been a second massacre of the 7th Cavalry.

    Read the novel, “Rescue at Pine Ridge”, 5 stars Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the youtube trailer commercial…and visit the website

    I hope you’ll enjoy the novel. I wrote it from my mini-series movie of the same title, “RaPR” to keep my story alive. Hollywood has had a lot of strikes and doesn’t like telling our stories…its been “his-story” of history all along…until now. The movie so far has attached, Bill Duke directing, Hill Harper, Glynn Turman and a host of other major actors in which we are in talks with…see at;

    When you get a chance, also please visit our Alpha Wolf Production website at; and see our other productions, like Stagecoach Mary, the first Black Woman to deliver mail for Wells Fargo in Montana, in the 1890’s, “spread the word”.


  4. outfortea says:

    I’m SO EXCITED that you chose The Book Thief!!!! I don’t want to say anything because it’s best without expectations…. But totally let me know what you think :)

    Sabriel- my brother got the whole trilogy as a prize for nerdiness at school (um I mean academic achievement) and I read the entire thing on the plane to India. That’s how much I got into it. I did read it as a tween, but I remembered absolutely nothing. Hahaha- but the whole necromancy thing is so cool- defs good read/pick!

    AH! I keep seeing Hunger Games and Brightly Woven around the LJ universe. I should really buy those. They sound amazing. Wish someone gave me a gift voucher. Right now I’m just buying second hand books, which makes me feel thrifty in a good way, but narrows your choices.

    Anyway hope you ENJOY! (capitals for super enjoyment).

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