Birthdays, Visits, and Horse Races!

I’m socially exhausted these days, and for that I apologize. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few months:

Kat Zhang came to visit!

As you may know, Kat and I have been friends since 2010 when we were both contributors to the blog project Let The Words Flow. Kat came down to spend the night with me on her way home from some traveling. Here’s what we did:

sav makeupKat put some intense makeup on me using techniques she learned from assisting a professional photographer with shoots. This eye makeup was crazy, yo. We also put red eyeshadow and gold sparkles on my other friend. It looked great!


The next day we went to brunch, and then rode horses at my family’s stables. That’s me leading a horse out to ride. My sister guided us on a mini trail ride and it was super fun. Kat was riding my sister’s champion horse, who loves to splash around in puddles. We got muddy!

sav by kat 200

Then we took an ATV out and Kat took some great photos of me and my sister down by the river, which was swollen from tornado-inducing storms the days before. This is my new social media profile picture! We also took some pictures of Kat, but my sister and I are enthusiasts, not professionals, and I guess they came out kind of blurry, lol.


Lastly we took some fun photos, and I love the way this one turned out!


I turned 25!

I bought some crazy lipstick and nail polish, wore a tiara like I just didn’t care, and went out for hibachi with my family and friends!

Sav birthday tiara


Thank you to everyone who sent me sweet birthday wishes through social media <3 You are so kind!

Hats and Horse Racing

My family has started up a horse stables, and this past weekend they invited a bunch of horse folks out for a big party to watch the Belmont Horse race. All the ladies were asked to wear fancy hats, so I present to you myself in 50’s themed fancy horse racing attire:

Horse race hats

I bet on Wicked Smart, who did not win, I am sorry to say. However, I did win the ‘best hat’ contest (by a majority), so there’s that.


I’m still plugging away at Cobworld edits, but I hope to be finished very shortly. Then I get to dive back into a previous project, and I’m just so excited I could burst.

Hopefully I’ll talk to you soon! ;-)

<3, Savannah

To Live Up to the Spirit That Is In Me

to live up to the spirit that is in meThis image has been the cover to my Pinterest board about life and writing ever since it was created. Some people have boards about life advice, and some people have boards for writing, but for me the two are so interconnected I didn’t want to separate them.

I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot these days. I’ve been looking over my past posts, and particularly drafts of posts chronicling the long journey towards publication. I’ve had a lot of internal ups and downs, and when I’m finally able to make that exciting announcement about a book deal, I want to be able to share with you how I felt in those moments of hope or despair.

These days, however, mostly what I feel is calm. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get to this point, and today I’d like to talk a little bit about that journey.

When I stepped down from Pub Crawl two years ago, I felt lost. I knew I needed out–out from the cycle of talking about writing instead of actually writing, out from the hamster wheel of social media, out from the sense that I was failing, stagnant, unwanted. I didn’t know it then but I’d reached a plateau with my writing, and the only way I knew how to fix it was to go back to my roots. I needed to be alone, to break my habit of watching TV instead of reading, to focus on me and my writing journey instead of constantly comparing myself to others.

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THE COBWORLD Deconstructed

A lot has happened since we last spoke.

I’ve written another book. :O

Photo on 2014-03-05 at 15.34 #2

I know, it’s kind of a surprise to me, too. I’ve never written a novel so quickly, or using this method, and so I’m ecstatic to share the recap of the project:

(You may remember my other Deconstruction posts; I like to recap what inspired a project and what the process was like to complete it.)

So I haven’t really mentioned it much on here, but the book is called The Cobworld. Here’s the pitch:

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On Growing Ideas From Inspirations to Novels

A long-time reader and friend (who wants to one day perhaps venture into novel-writing) asked me to write a post detailing how an initial inspiration becomes an entire novel. Therefore, in this post I talk about where ideas come from, how to get them, and how to turn some of them into full-fledged, novel-length stories.

“Where do you get your ideas?”

It’s the question writers are asked over and over, and the answer is inevitably the same: Everywhere! (Further delineated into: Dreams! Conversations! Books! It popped into my head!) But what does ‘idea’ really mean? What happens after the initial idea is found? Why do some ideas become novels and others… don’t? Here are my thoughts:

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