Completed First Draft of Antebellum!

Last night I not only won NaNoWriMo but I completed the first draft of the condensed version of ANTEBELLUM!!!

I made a big push to finish because I received a fan mail yesterday from a girl who had read the old sample chapter I had up on Fictionpress and wanted to buy the book to read more. Regretfully I had to tell her that it wasn’t available yet.

Receiving email like that always humbles and amazes me. I’ve been having doubts lately about the story and its ability to sell, but then things like that out of the blue remind me that all I can do is offer up my stories. Some people like them, and some people won’t. And if it doesn’t sell to a publisher I’ll either wait until I have more of a career established and try again, or I’ll sell it myself. Either way, this book is going to get out there in the world.

Writing the first draft of the [hopefully!] last version was a bittersweet experience. I got to be there again with my characters as they surprised me, but I also know that our journey together is coming to an end. Not today, not tomorrow, but soon.

Antebellum as a concept is 7 years old now. This September, actually. These aren’t just characters, they’re friends. In a way only a writer can understand, lol. Saying goodbye is going to be very hard.

But, on a lighter note, now that the bones of the first draft have been thrown down (and it’s so rough it might as well be Draft 0), now I get to go back through with a notebook and take notes on what needs to get fixed. I’ve got my emotional arc all kinds of twisted and wacky.

Also, it’s time to start thinking about a new title… I’m thinking NAMELESS. Thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Completed First Draft of Antebellum!

  1. lalaith7 says:

    I think Nameless is an amazing title, Antebellum is great but maybe skews into an adult audience more than your intended YA, also there is that problem with it being too associated with the American Civil War in people’s minds. Nameless on the other hand says so much about the book in just one word. It is an example of you taking the lemons of having to re-title and making them into delicious lemonade.

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