Cover Reveal for Susan Dennard’s Steampunk Zombie Book SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY!!

My good friend Susan Dennard is revealing the GORGEOUS cover for her 2012 debut YA, steampunk, zombie adventure novel called SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY. I won’t steal her thunder, so you’ll have to visit her blog here to see the cover and tell her how awesome it is!

Susan is kind of amazing. Not only was she a Marine Biologist (who lived in Antarctica for a while and used to dissect sharks), but she’s been living in Germany for the past few years with her French/German husband. She wrote SS&D in under a year and sold it in less than a week, in a 3-book, significant deal! The most amazing thing about Susan though, to me, is what a genuinely nice person she is. So nice in fact, that I know this post is going to make her uncomfortable :-)

I’m as uncomfortable raving as she probably is about receiving praise, so we’ll just cut this short (though I could say a lot, I promise you) and say that Susan is hyper-awesome, the SOMETHING STRANGE AND DEADLY series is going to be the next big thing, her cover is super-gorgeous, and you should at the very minimum go visit her site so you can see how beautiful it is.


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