Day Trips, Disasters, and Deliciousness

I’m at 35k on the Antebellum rewrite, and just finished chapter 10! That’s a third of the way! Thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed; your comments mean so much to me!

The voice of the Poetess has been really interesting to figure out, because in this version she’s younger than I’ve ever written her. I’ve tried to make her more ‘YA’ while still being true to herself, but YA means emotional hyperbole sometimes and she’s always been so reserved… Sometimes I can almost feel her blush in my head at the reactions of her younger self. So it was a huge relief to hear how much everyone enjoyed her voice.

Number Twenty-Three has also made an interesting change… I cut the explicit sexual abuse plot that existed in the original and left it as only the tiniest implication, so he doesn’t really have a reason to withdraw from her. I think I’ll have to go back and really make it obvious that he doesn’t want to be touched from the beginning, because by the fourth chapter they have to touch for practical purposes, and it kind of breaks the tension.

Man, I wish I could share more with you guys. In lieu of doing that, however, I started posting updates to one of my FictionPress stories, Of Coffee and People. It’s a comedy about four college students who move to upstate NY and start a coffee shop in order to care for one of their pregnant members. Chaos ensues.

I finished it when I was 17 in honor of a friend’s birthday, and haven’t touched it since. I love the characters, and the plot was a blast to write, but I thought about editing it a few months ago and decided I didn’t have the dedication to fix it right now. Still, it’s complete, and a good FP read, and when I posted updates the reviews I got were from former readers thrilled to see how the story progressed.

Back in the Antebellum world, I dedicated myself to writing 1,125 words a day and/or 3 chapters a week in order to be done by December so I could edit and have it done, done, totally done by January.

This is a chart I made to track my word counts over the days and weeks:

Yes, I’m one of those closet chart freaks. I love charts. Love them.


Tomorrow I travel to Nashville to see my friend and LTWF contributor katzhang! We’re going to a book festival, and we promise to take many fun pictures.

A few days ago on LTWF, we realized that ‘liber’ in latin means both ‘book’ and ‘freedom’. We all joked about the idea of getting tattoos that read ‘liber’, and while I’m not a tattoo person it was fun to pretend for a day, so I doodled this on my arm this morning:

I plan to give katzhang one when I see her!


In preparation for this trip, I went to get my oil change, only to discover it was basically a miracle my brakes hadn’t failed on me yet. There has been no squealing or grinding or anything! So I’m getting those done at 7AM tomorrow so I won’t be late for the festival.


I got a great review at work yesterday… I’m an HR Manager, and I used to be my boss’s administrative assistant, so there’s a lot of love there. Chris, my boyfriend, was thrilled about the review, so he brought me home some beautiful fall flowers, and these delicious fruit tarts:


7 thoughts on “Day Trips, Disasters, and Deliciousness

  1. mdirvine says:

    I love excel (charts and graphs ) and google calendar owns my life (although it freaks people out to see how I plan almost every hour of my weekday).
    Okay so I’m a bit too obsessed with organization. I’m very comfortable with excel but I guess that comes with being an engineer.

    • savannahjfoley says:

      Man, give me Excel 2007 and I’ll make you anything you want, in beautiful colors, too!

      I use google calendar sporadically… usually when it’s something I don’t want to forget at all costs.

  2. tmorse says:

    As soon as I saw you had updated Of Coffee and People, I knew I had to skim through the rest of the entry, leave a really excited comment (I LOVE OF COFFEE AND PEOPLE! That’s the first thing of yours that I ever read) and then go over to FP immediately and read it, which is what I am going to do NOW.

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