Dropping out of NaNo, and I’m taking the Big Apple!

Well I might as well make it official. Despite how much I love it and how outspoken I’ve been about it this year, I have to drop out of NaNoWriMo.

My reason is simple, and the best one of all: revising other projects to make them more sell-worthy.

After speaking to my agent, I’m putting down NAMELESS for a bit and preparing  my zombie book, THE DEAD-FILLED HALLS for her eyes. I need to add a few chapters to the beginning (the first chapter excerpt I shared will no longer be the first chapter).

Then it’s moving on to the sleeping beauty retelling :-) I’m adding in a few things, doing some slight world-building changes, and modifying the somewhat-heavy middle section. If I’m a very good writer I think I can be done by the end of the year and return to writing brand new NAMELESS stuff.

Which leads to my next point: I’m going to NYC! My sister and I will be in the city from Dec 8th to 12th. I’ve already made plans to meet up with my fellow LTWF Sammy Bina, who works for a high-profile literary agency.

I went to NYC once when I was 13 and did all the touristy stuff; this trip is more about visiting family and hanging out (read: shopping).

I’m not really one of those people that romanticizes NY. True, I had the bug when I was 17 for about 6 months, but it’s passed. I blame Sex & the City. Yes I know how pathetic that is.

And yet NY is still one of those places I visit frequently in my dreams, so I’m particularly excited about going back and seeing it now that I’m an adult and can wander off and explore on my own. Plus it’s a city known for growing writers and hosting both publishers and agencies, which makes it part of the culture surrounding my passion. You could call it the holy land for American writers.

I guess it’s about time I made the pilgrimage :-)

3 thoughts on “Dropping out of NaNo, and I’m taking the Big Apple!

  1. Amber says:

    Very understable why you’re dropping out. Have fun on your trip! I’ve never been to New York, but I’ve always wanted to go. I also kind of blame that on Sex & the City.

  2. Aurora says:

    I share a similar sentiment about New York. Living near it all my life and constantly visiting to see family and friends has desensitized me. I admit the more “city” aspect is a little enchanting, but I always return to the the fact that it’s far too crowded for what I’m used to, the subways are usually a living hell, and it tends to not smell pleasant. Plus, there aren’t any stars.

    By the way, I really like your Nameless story- I skimmed over it when it was in three separate stories on fictionpress way back when and can’t wait for you to publish it, whenever that may be. :)

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