Goodbye Princess Hair

The girls at Let The Words Flow were teasing me about my princess hair. I have had incredibly long hair, and I have had natural dreadlock-like ringlets. Hence, ‘princess hair.’

But today I got my hair cut. And I know that reading about other peoples’ hair is boring, but I look so cute now that I had to share :-D

Getting foiled… see the princess hair?

Getting the eyebrows done (Finally! Once they colored them in I could see the Cro Magnon I’d become)

The final result

Schoolgirl pigtails

and from the side

It’s okay though. I can still totally kick some ass in the pigtails.

Hair cutting is actually very symbolic in a lot of cultures. Women cut their hair when experiencing deep grief or loss. Even in America, it is common for a woman to desire to change her hair when she loses a lover. Biblically speaking, our hair is our beauty, and to cut it all off is like lashing out in a self-destructive way at our significant other.

Our hair also tells a story of our health. Women who wear long, healthy hair are demonstrating that they would be a good mate.

And me? I just needed a change. I want to feel put-together, confident, and capable. I think experiencing a loss had something to do with it, as well. I want to be a new person, free from that loss.

Day 1 of my New Life. Ready set go!

9 thoughts on “Goodbye Princess Hair

  1. emma789 says:

    Your new hair is so cute! And I’ll bet your shower time goes down. :) I chopped off about a foot close to two years ago for the same reasons you listed! I only just got my hair cut about a month ago for the first time since. It’s fun, trying something new. Makes you feel like you can do all sorts of things. (btw, the pigtails are absolutely fantabulous)

  2. sjmaas says:

    I love your new hair, and I love YOU. While you were the only person I’ve ever met/seen with true, stunningly-gorgeous fairy princess hair, I think this new haircut is fabulous! It makes you look way younger–and so fresh!! :D Jealoussss!

    And I love the eyebrows.

  3. jlewenda says:

    Your princess hair was so pretty! I had the strange urge to just pet it, that’s how pretty it was. :P
    But you’re new hair looks lovely, and it makes you look so fresh and young.
    Congrats for going forth and making the change. :)

  4. jeniwrites says:

    I think you still have hair fit for a princess. :)

    I went to the hair salon last month and told the stylist, “I feel frumpy. Can you help me?” The solution turned out to be layers and lessons in how to use a curling iron in a different way. Simple — but amazing on how much even a simple change can make you feel so much better.

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