Holiday Gifts for Writers!

There’s such a dearth of good writer gifts, isn’t there? Your family members look at each other with helpless shrugs and finally settle on yet another fancy notebook, or gift card to Barnes & Noble.


Here’s a list of fun and affordable gifts to add to your wish-list and put your family members out of their gift-buying misery. Each item was hand-selected by me for awesomeness.


1. Ampersand Bottle Opener – $10.00

2. Dragon Ear Cuff – $10.90

3. Paperback cologne – $39.50

4. Aqua Notes – $7.00

5. Quote Stud Earrings – $12.00

6. Lined Paper Zipper Case – $20.00

7. Bookshelf Shower Curtains (various types)- $57.99

8. Pencil Scarf – $42.00

9. F-Bomb Paperweight – $45.00

10. Book Charm Necklaces – $10.00

11. Book Scarf – $42.00

12. Literary Coasters – $24.99

13. Pencil Earbuds – $29.95

14. Text Print Tights – $35.95

15. Literary Shirtdress – $89.50

16. Literary Teatowels – $10.00

17. Teatime by Omar Rayyan – $32.00 (I have this one and I love looking at it every day)

18. The Queen – $65.00

19. More Than A Princess – $30.00

20. Hyperbole and a Half – $18.42

I hope you see something here you like!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Gifts for Writers!

  1. Suzanne says:

    I love the F-Bomb Paperweight. That is awesome.

    The link for the book charm necklaces also goes to the F-Bomb Paperweight. I clicked on it several times, thinking I was clicking the wrong one, until I realized what had happened. I hope you can update that, because I would love to look at those, too, they look adorable!

    • Caitlin Vanasse says:

      Ditto about the book charm necklace link! This is such a great list Savannah! I found a few things for friends and a thing or two for myself as well.

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