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First, a personal update: I’ve reached 30,000 words on the zombie story, hooray! It’s going to end up somewhere between 50-60k, I think, so I’m excited to find that I’m halfway done. I’ve been Tweeting about the weapons my characters use and the more violent situations they get in to, so if you like that kind of thing you should follow me on Twitter for live updates on zombie-killing :-)


I don’t usually post about music because I have a complicated relationship with it. As a kid I rebelled against everything being a ‘modern teenager’ meant, and that included fangasming over music. As a result music isn’t a huge part of my life, and I absolutely cannot write when it’s on. I think it’s because I’m so word-driven that the lyrics distract me completely and soon I’m listening to someone else’s story, not my own.

Because when I DO get excited about music, it’s because of the story it tells. As far as I’m concerned, the music only exists to compliment the awesome lyrics. This means I don’t usually go after artists or albums, but individual songs. Today I thought I’d share a few of my odder favorites, and maybe they’ll become some of your favorites too <3

Professor Elemental – Fighting Trousers – Have you heard of Chap Hop? It’s hip hop in Victorian style. It’s completely amazing, and this is one of my favorites.

Alu – Circus Cosmos – Alu is an independent singer from California who has been described as ‘Kate Bush on a broomstick,’ which I think is very apt. She sings ‘Rasputina’, which to me can be easily described as ‘inspired by the creepy music that comes from jewelry boxes.’ This song has inspired a very loose plotline I think I’ll work on one day, about a haunted house and a girl who falls in love with a ghost. Alu is pretty amazing, and she has a new album coming out any day!

Is Tropical – The Greeks – This is another independent band, and they made an amazing music video for their single The Greeks. I listen to this one in the car a lot and relate it to both my sleeping beauty retelling and the zombie book. It’s chorus of ‘You only got what you give away / You only got it if you give it away / You only got what you give away / So throw your hate away’ really reminds me of the loss and sacrifice my characters experience.

Ramona Falls – I Say Fever – The music video for this is really weird and takes a lot of interpretation, but this song gives me goosebumps in the chorus because of the way the words are sung mixed with the beat. Plus I’m a sucker for slow-motion walking set to music. Also I love how the artist describes what he’s feeling. I know what it feels like to want a future with someone so badly you’re willing to throw away logic and caution because of the Fever.

The National – Sorrow – This song spoke to me on a very personal level. The opening lyrics are ‘Sorrow found me when I was young / Sorrow waited, sorrow won’ and it just breaks my heart. It’s a love song and a personal mythos, and I love it.


What unusual favorites do you have?

3 thoughts on “Music Monday!

  1. Adeeti says:

    One of my absoluteeee favorites is Heart’s a Mess by Gotye (the video is quite cool as well). My favorite line has to be the one it opens with: “pick apart the pieces of your heart, let me peer inside…let me in to where only your thoughts have been…let me occupy your mind…as you do mine”

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