My First Picture Book

Meeting katzhang yesterday was awesome. We went to the Southern Book Festival where we met an independent children’s bookstore owner, and also an incredibly conceited illustrator who shall remain nameless.

I bought the book PINKALICIOUS because of this page, and it made me realize I had to go to a bookstore NOW to read the picture books.

Because I had an idea for a picture book. About a boy who really wants a dog. But in this world, all pets are dragons. If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll be aware of this because I’ve been asking for name suggestions, lol.

Anyway, today I wrote the first draft of BUDDY THE DRAGON, and here’s a wordle for it:

Anyone else had the urge to write children’s lit?

16 thoughts on “My First Picture Book

  1. aekubo says:

    The picture books sounds so exciting and cute. I admire you for having the ability and guts to do that.

    I`m always getting beat up by little kids, and I can`t really understand them, so picture books are out of my league :/

      • aekubo says:

        Japanese kids can be pretty violent and perverted. They can tell if an older kid is weak and will crowd the poor person and beat him up. I`ve seen it happen.

        I also have a little sis who likes to invite her friends over. She likes to show off the fact that I won`t hit her back if she hits me. Today, she slapped me on the butt, and then her and her little boyfriend started giggling like crazy. ):

          • aekubo says:

            Japanese mothers have a different way of dealing with this than American mothers do. In Japan, it`s assumed that children my sister`s age act like that, so all my mom does it joke that my sister is becoming too perverted =_=

            My sister also tends to behave more around my mom, and my grandmother has problems controlling my little sister. My dad is in the States, so there`s no firm American discipline.

            That reminds me of a video that compared Japanese, American, and Chinese preschools. According to the documentary, Americans were shocked by what went on in Japanese preschools cause children were kicking each other and making crude jokes in front of the teacher, who did not discipline them, which is normal in Japan.

  2. katzhang says:

    Meeting you was awesome for me, too :P

    And I love the font you did for the Wordle! Ack, wish I could illustrate this for you :) My art style probably doesn’t fit, though!

  3. Anonymous says:

    When I was little my dad used to make up hilarious stories about 7 wolves and 14 ants for me and my sister and it’s always been my dream to write them down. Sadly I can’t really remember them… Otherwise I’m more interested in illustrating than writing :)

  4. coronanl says:

    A picture book! That sounds like a lot of fun (and hard work :) And the premise sounds like something you can have a lot of fun with too!

    I’m in my last 6 months of my study and doing freelance illustration work for a small company that animates childrens picture books. Alas not getting paid for it (yet), but the experience is very welcome :)

    So I’m not writing any, but I’m drawing. Currently a story about Noeska the cat who’s lost her home and keeps ending up at the wrong house. I hope I never end up seeming conceited though. Who would want to hire anyone like that? Bluh!

    • savannahjfoley says:

      Omg he was so awful! He kept bragging about all the awards he’s won and how he got to draw by the pool all day. He basically tried to convince us we’d make way more money independently publishing. As soon as Kat and I left we burst out laughing.

      Good for you doing illustration work! That is so amazing! I’m what could be classified as a ‘fair’ drawer, but I didn’t love it enough to really get into all the high-tech stuff. What equipment do you use?

      • coronanl says:

        I was trying to get back into traditional illustrating with watercolours and acrylics, but nowadays I mostly use an a A5 widescreen intuos3 drawing tablet. A5 widescreen is big enough, else you just have to move your hand around much more ;) and Photoshop cs5. Thank God for student licenses, so expensive otherwise!

        But CS5 has really improved in the painting area since the previous versions.

  5. lalaith7 says:

    I sort of have a dream to create picture books for weird little kids (like I was) that go through the entire gestation of say puppies and show what goes on in the mama dog’s uterus for those months. I’m thinking I should actually go to vet school and become qualified to write something like this first though, also I should find out if there’s a large enough market for it, having been a strange child growing up and all.

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