My Nook Article is Up!

You can read it here :-)

Leave me a comment and let me know if you’d be okay with an e-reader or if you’re too attached to physical books. Bonus points if you have one/have played with one.

In other news… I’m starting to get comments trickling in about A Clear and Beautiful lie (what chapters I sent off of it anyway), and it looks good so far. I’m strongly considering posting excerpts here :-)

3 thoughts on “My Nook Article is Up!

  1. angelwingsbaka says:

    I love traditional books. And I will never cough up the money for an eBook. Now, if I were to be gifted an eBook, that’s another story all together. I think at the very least I will always buy the physical book for any book I’m in love with. On the other hand, the cheaper prices for eBooks makes them appealing to “try out”. That way if the book turns out to be meh, at least I’ll have paid less for it.

    As for posting excerpts of ACABL? I highly suggest that, as I would be eternally grateful for the chance to read some of it! <3

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