Proud and Excited!

My friend Jess Corra just announced the deal for her amazingly powerful YA book called AFTER YOU!

I’m so honored (and overjoyed!) that she used a fan trailer I made for the book as the way to announce the deal!

AFTER YOU is an amazing story based off an awesome premise I used to think about a lot as a kid: what if you had the ability to rewind time?

Here’s the whole premise from Jess’s website:

Eighteen-year-old Camilla Jay has the power of second chances. She can rewind to any day and relive it, and she remembers everything. A tragedy like the death of her twin sister Madelyn shouldn’t be possible. Camilla rewinds to the same day over and over, but Madelyn dies each time – by her own hand. Madelyn doesn’t want saving.

Madelyn’s death allows Cam to finally connect with her long-time crush Wall. As they grow closer, Camilla uncovers a series of writings Madelyn did about her own ability to forward in time. Madelyn believed killing herself was the only way to save Camilla from a horrible fate. Cam’s not convinced.

Cam tries to find a way to save Madelyn without bringing about the things her sister saw. Madelyn didn’t think it was possible, and that by trying to save her, Camilla will destroy herself. Camilla doesn’t know what to believe, but one thing becomes clear: if she saves Madelyn, she’ll lose Wall. Is she willing to gamble everything?

I was lucky enough that Jess let me read her story several times as it went through editing changes, and each time I was awed at her storytelling skills. AFTER YOU has that sparse style I absolutely adore (and am incapable of). Her writing is in present tense and is one of those stories that can totally pull it off. I don’t usually go for contemporary but Jess’s characters are supremely vivid, and I relished even when her characters described ‘mundane’ tasks, like making dinner for Thanksgiving.

I’m relatively new to having friends in publishing, so days like this are still so incredibly special (though I also can’t wait for the day when it’s totally normal).

Jess is a great girl who’s gone through some rough times and totally deserves the happiness and success that comes from this deal! I can’t wait to see AFTER YOU published!

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