Roses of Ash Trailer

Below is the trailer for my WIP, a sleeping beauty retelling called Roses of Ash:

I’m dedicating this weekend to working on Nameless, but wanted to get this ready to show you guys :-)

In other news, I made the trailer using iMovie, which is a big deal because… I made it on my new laptop!!! Chris and I’s three year anniversary is tomorrow, and he surprised me with an early gift on Thursday, to replace my old Macbook which had, ironically, died for the second time last week. I was like :O then :D.

I’m also working on making a vlog parody today… I’m going to be needing glitter and dragon figurines. Will post when finished.


5 thoughts on “Roses of Ash Trailer

  1. animewave says:

    I loved the images (and the song <3 Florence) - I would love to read a story like that someday *the trailer made me excited. Looking forward to the v-log parody :)

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  3. Anonymous says:

    People shouldn’t make trailers for books that aren’t yet buyable. I want to read this NOW thanks very much!!!!!

    Great job; wonderful idea!

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