4 thoughts on “Sarah and I Co-Vlog

  1. mdirvine says:

    creating a professional persona

    Nice vlog! I think you both addressed a very important issue about authors representing themselves online particularly authors of YA books. The points you made about facebook, pictures etc. also apply to everyone not just authors. I know of a number of people who 1st year in college had a lot of pictures of drinking etc which was available for all to see including prospective employers. Keeping personal life personal and developing a professional persona is something that people learn as they go but now they have pointers! Thanks
    One more thing, for some reason the audio on Savannah’s was less audible. Not sure why. I don’t know much about making youtube videos let alone co-vlogging and it might be an effect of that but figured I’d mention it anyway.

    • savannahjfoley says:

      Re: creating a professional persona

      The volume is my fault… I dropped my laptop recently and damaged the part where the screen connects to the keyboard bit (I’m sooooo technical, lol), and my sound has been weird ever since. I’m planning on getting a mike to fix the problem!

  2. lalaith7 says:

    This was a nice vlog, albeit a little long (we have shor attention spans online :-).) I liked the split-screen joint blog effect but the sound on Sarah’s side has an echo thing and is quite wonky and distracting.

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