Sleeping Beauty story approved! And summary

A lot of my friends have a wide emotional range, and pass through the spectrum easily and frequently. I’m more of a slow-mover in that respect, but I got some news today that gave me the rare motivation to literally jump up and down and produce fangirl-like squeeing noises:

My agent approved the proposal for ROSES OF ASH, my sleeping beauty retelling, which means I now have full permission and encouragement to write it!!!

I’ve been so nervous for the past few days that my agent would want me to work on Soulmancer instead, when ideas for Roses have been flowing swiftly. The other night I couldn’t sleep because I kept coming up with plot idea after plot idea, and I took to writing in my journal again like I used to do when working on NAMELESS in high school.

Suffice to say, I’m having the best time, and am beyond thrilled that all this positive energy can be focused towards an approved project!

Here’s a short summary:

ROSES OF ASH is a YA fantasy, Sleeping Beauty retelling about a girl who wakes with no memory of who she is. She must figure out what happened to her a hundred years ago in order to save her land from a fairy using Earth as a staging ground for a war against Avalon. This goal is complicated by fairy politics and the fact that no one, not even her surviving family, will tell her the truth. Is she a princess, or isn’t she? Did she cause the 100-year-long curse of sleep, death, and endless winter, or did someone else? Is her former love a prince or a fraud, and is he alive, dead, or completely fictitious? Everyone has a reason to keep the secret of what really happened; enemies may be friends, friends my be enemies, and the MC must figure out who to trust if she wants to stay alive, let alone save the world.

Things I couldn’t neatly fit into the summary: There’s twist after twist after twist, a delicious love triangle (especially with the Forbidden character) and some awesome sword fighting. Can’t wait to paint you up some pics of the main characters.

This picture says a lot.

Chris has been a big influence in this story; several nights we stayed up late playing Tetris and world-building. The plot actually borrows from Charlie Wilson’s war in terms of fighting a war you can’t officially fight by using other people to do it for you.

Anyway, I was excited to share with you all, and look forward to working on it while I wait for Nameless edits!

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