Songs to Get Your Mojo Back

Feeling less than confident? Use these songs to get pumped back up and remind yourself that you are CAPABLE and CONFIDENT, and on the right path towards success.

Heartlines, by Florence + The Machine

Song rating: G

Key lyrics:

Just keep following the heartlines on your hand
Keep it up, I know you can
Just keep following the heartlines on your hand

Superstar, by Lupe Fiasco

Song rating: PG (one mention of a ‘sexy lady’)

Key lyrics:

If you are what you say you are
A superstar
Then have no fear
The camera’s here, and the microphone
And they wanna know

Touch the Sky, by Kanye West

Song rating: PG-13 (a handful of swear words)

Key lyrics:

You gonna touch the sky, baby girl
Come up in the spot lookin’ extra fly
‘Fore the day you die
You gonna touch the sky 

212, by Azealia Banks

Song rating: X (seriously, the lyrics are pretty explicit, but the chorus is PG-13 and will blow your socks off. If you want to skip straight to it just forward the video to 1:46)

Key lyrics:

What you gon’ do when I appear?
Wh-wh-when I premier?
B**** the end of your lives is near
This sh** been mine, mine!

Bonus anti-laziness bridge:

Hey yo
I heard you ridin’ with the same tall, tall tale
Tellin’ ’em you made some
Sayin’ you grindin’ but you ain’t goin’ nowhere
Why you procrastinate, girl?
You got a lot but you just waste all yourself
They’ll forget your name soon
And won’t nobody be to blame but yourself


 What songs would you recommend adding to this list?


PS: The five days at home with my sister was wonderful… I added over 9k to The Cobworld story, bringing us up to almost 20k! Here’s some of the guest audience that attended these writing sessions:

<3, Savannah





2 thoughts on “Songs to Get Your Mojo Back

  1. Diyana Wan says:

    Hey Sav!

    I’ve got all the songs mentioned save the 212 song on my Motivational playlist!

    So, my playlist is a mix of BAMF and Cheesy songs, to suit my mood and stuff. A selection:

    When I feel pumped:
    Stronger by Kanye West.
    Key lyrics: Now that don’t kill me / Can only make me stronger / I need you to hurry up now / ’cause I can’t wait much longer

    When I need reassurance:
    Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia.
    Key lyrics: Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child / See heaven’s got a plan for you / Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now / Yeah!

    When I need to feel like I’m not alone, and that my journey is TOTALLY worth it:
    Crazy Dreams (originally by Carrie Underwood, but I prefer the SMASH version sung by Megan Hilty)
    Key lyrics: Uh…everything…
    It begins:
    Hello you long shots
    You dark horse runners
    Hairbrush singers, dashboard drummers
    Hello you wild magnolias
    Just waiting to bloom

    There’s a little bit of all that inside of me and you
    Thank God even crazy dreams come true

    :) Here’s hoping!

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