Tornadoes, Disney World, and Lady Gaga

I live in north Alabama. Last week we were hit with one of the worst tornado disasters in nearly a hundred years. Me and mine are safe and well, but the close calls are chilling. The F5 tornado flattened homes less than a quarter mile from my parent’s house and destroyed trees in their neighborhood, and a lesser tornado appeared right over Chris’s sister’s house, to miraculously no damage.

My neighborhood was fine, but for a little while there I was huddled in the bathtub with my cat and my laptop (shows you my priorities, lol). Then the power went out. And didn’t come back on for 5 days.

All of north Alabama was without power. And then, no gas. Food was luckily not a problem; Chris and I managed to get a bunch of dried goods (hello poptarts, goodbye diet) on my last quarter tank of gas but then we were pretty much stranded until the stations got generators set up and more gas shipments in.

Then, on Saturday we decided to get the hell out of dodge, and drove down to Florida with Chris’s mom to watch the second to last space shuttle launch, which was scheduled for Monday. It got delayed, so we went to Disney World instead :-) But it was crazy driving down, because we went west across to Georgia first, and nobody had power until we hit the state line. We drove past swaths of destruction incredible to behold; flattened homes, trees broken off like toothpicks, road debris, etc. I felt so lucky to be able to feed and house my family, let alone being able to take a spontaneous vacation to Florida.

Disney World was pretty neat, though I think I was too old to see it for the first time. The workers were not so happy and some of the rides had issues, but overall it was a good time. I ate one of those huge turkey drumsticks while walking through the park, and have never felt more disgusting, lol.

You can see a few pics on my FB here if you like, or here.

We came back on Monday, and my company finally started back up today. It’s super busy here but I just wanted to update and let everyone know that everything is okay, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon :-) Not to mention I’m DYING to get to edit again; with no power I couldn’t write!!!

Also, tomorrow I’m posting a parody song at Let The Words flow. It’s a parody of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, entitled Fandom, and yes, I’m actually singing in it (God help us). :-) Be sure to stop by and give it a listen!