That I Would Be Good

I saw this article floating around the Twittersphere, and for writers in all stages of their career I encourage you to read it. It was wonderful to see reflections like this from a writer who’s spent 10 years in the YA business. I feel like most of the community I interact with are new and upcoming authors.

To my perspective, the YA industry is overflowing with good news, big announcements, and new deals. Everything is new, new, new, and shiny, and exciting, and squee-worthy.

But it will end. And there will come a day, for all of us, that our books, once so shiny and new, will go out of print.

All we’ll be left with is the experience. And the writing itself.

The writing will never go away. And I realized in contemplating this that over the course of my lifetime it really doesn’t matter so much if I get published and have a stellar career, as I still strive for. Even if it never works out, I will have my stories. I will have the accomplishment of finishing my work and making it the best it can be.

There is a special joy to read something of yours you haven’t read in a few years. You surprise yourself. I look forward to the day when I can read my own work as a new reader would, delighted by this story that was so very personally built for my enjoyment.

That is important. Writing my whole life and loving what I do is important. Accepting that this thing I have in me that creates worlds will never go away, and will continue to overflow as long as I am alive and sane… that is important.

It puts me in mind of this song by Alanis Morissette, which I encourage you to listen to.

So often we judge ourselves by our career progress. Do I have an agent yet, do I  have a deal yet, am I a NYT best-seller, do I have a second deal… And sometimes we forget that we are Good even without those things.

I am Good. I hope you are, too.

<3, Savannah


Do you feel Good? Tell me what you think about the article above. Tell me about your moments of self-acceptance.

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