The Best Gift in the World (for a Writer)

Today I was given a most-unexpected gift… a Barnes & Noble Nook!

I’m doing a full write-up of the e-book experience, to be posted on Monday at Let The Words Flow alongside mandyhubbard, who will be blogging about the Kindle.

I’m also reading Pride & Prejudice for the first time. I can’t put it down. I don’t know if it’s the story or the media device ;-)

Do you have an e-reader?

10 thoughts on “The Best Gift in the World (for a Writer)

  1. mcquinnish says:

    Guh, I have refused to give into my desire of buying something like that. There is something slightly disingenuous about reading a story on one of those things. I’m too in love with being able to touch and smell a book, turn its pages, keep it stacked with others on a shelf.

    But that looks so damned shiny. I hope you’re enjoying it!

  2. aekubo says:

    You’re so lucky.

    I live in a big city where I have to ride the train a lot, and sometimes those train rides last for an hour and a half. Usually, I bring books with me to pass the time, but there will be times when I can’t decide which book to read, so I’ll end up stuffing my bag full of at least 5 books.

    An e-book reader will save my stiff shoulder. Of course, it cannot replace the real thing, but still…

    • savannahjfoley says:

      A great benefit for me is that I can take the novels of my friends with me while I’m out places, instead of having to lug my laptop around and have it open and be all big and stuff. I’m Critiquing a lot of people’s manuscripts right now so I’m /loving/ it. I got through a book and a half this way, just today, cause I got driven around a lot!

      Also, I’m a traditional book loyalist too, BUT it’s incredibly convenient and easy to use the Nook. But you can read all about it on Tuesday :-)

  3. jlewenda says:

    I use my Nintendo DS Lite to read ebooks. I had to download a program to make it read books, and it took some fiddling around, and some getting used to, but I’m managing.
    I’m mainly going to use it to read books that I’m not sure I’ll completely enjoy. I’d rather not waste $20-30 on books that I might not like, so this is a much better option.

    I’d so much rather read with a book in my hands–the experience is so much more amazing, imo–but in terms of saving money, it’s brilliant.

  4. emma789 says:

    I’m holding out on buying a nook or a kindle. It just seems…wrong to me. I get that they can be fantastic, and omg they’re probably the best ever for going on vacation but…I look having the weight of a book in my lap, the smell of a new book, and I’m kind of scared all of this new techology will make books defunct! :/

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