What I’ve Been Up To, or, My Life After Pub Crawl

It’s been 2 months. I’m not on Twitter or Facebook, really. I’m definitely not at this blog, though I have been here more than a handful of times.

So where am I?

I’m at the local park every day with my dog:

I’m at the library where I finally got a membership, I’m at my parents house providing emotional support as my younger sister moved to Florida, I’m at my job where my company and career continue to accelerate forward. And I am in my house, where I rennovated the living room AND my office! :-)

Before (when Kat and Susan came to visit me in December I was embarrassed by the condition of my house pre-renovation):

After!! :D Oh, and the length of my dog’s hair fluctuates because I’ve shaved her several times over this summer. She is like a sheep under there, I swear!


Yeah I do puzzles. So what? ;-)

Pinterest was a HUGE help through that project. You can see all the stuff I’ve created and story boards for my books here! I am beyond in love with my teal living room; every time I’m in there I happy sigh. It’s so light and pleasant now. I have more photos of the process on my FB here in case you’re a DIY amateur enthusiast like me.

I also took my office from this:

To this. With tons more to come.

So. There is definitely something to be sad for cleanliness and organization. I feel that Chris and I have moved towards a tidier state of being gradually over the past 2 years; now I do maintenance cleaning every night and it’s so refreshing. I’m proud of my house and my lifestyle and definitely feel the mental effects of that.

Which brings me to writing.

Yeah these pictures are nice, but what I’m really accountable to you for is the progress of my stories and my self-assigned stewardship of the writing community. I have not been such a good steward.

Since leaving Pub Crawl I feel like I’ve gone into writing hibernation. I have separated myself from the communities and networks that used to be a mainstay of my daily life. I was thinking about this article a lot, and I found myself actually living it. So what does a life disconnected look like? You’ve seen half of it in the pictures above. The rest is a very internal world, one of book reading, journaling, and singing in my car as I think about plots. It is an attempted return to the self-contained universe I lived in during high school, when I was the most prolific and intoxicated with my work.

I wish I could post today and tell you about how much I’ve accomplished writing-wise, which is the only metric that truly counts. But the truth is that the past couple months have been more about mental and physical reorganization. Today is the first day where I felt everything click into some semblance of permanence. I have my proverbial ducks in a row and I feel ready to rejoin the writing world :-)

Does that sound vague and psycho-babbly? Hopefully you’re not too bored with me, yet. I am continually amazed how at my darkest moments my readers appear out of nowhere to lift me up and remind me what I’m working for. For all of you who responded to my update post about Nameless, thank you. For everyone who emailed about how my articles on LTWF still affect them, thank you. When I am bruised and discouraged you manage to be there with me, and the simple fact of your presence renews my faith.

I am now at a point where I must swallow a bitter pill to acknowledge that ACORAS in its first version was far inferior to the version I’m working on. Dare I be grateful to have not been published in my first round? ;-) Because, you see, my subconscious finally spat forth the pearl I can now recognize it’s been incubating since the start of the story over a year ago. You know that moment where the perfect explanation reveals itself, stepping into an empty space you didn’t realize existed until just now?

Yeah. I’ve had several of those with ACORAS. The plot lines are now thick and strong, and the characters even more layered. What I’ve been doing is more a complete rewrite than a revision, which explains why I’ve felt discouraged and overwhelmed. Everything expanded so suddenly and in multiple stages, but it’s finally calmed down now and I can dissect it and begin pinning it down. And when this story’s finally out there I promise I’ll explain so that all makes sense :-)

I have lots of thoughts to share with you about various writing stuff, but I’ve babbled enough for now, so here’s some stuff I’m enjoying lately, and I’ll talk to you all next week:

8 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To, or, My Life After Pub Crawl

  1. fionaj says:

    It’s great that you’ve sorted out the mental and physical priorities. Now it feels like you’re in a sturdier environment, you can relax and focus on writing.

    But don’t go too hard on yourself. It’s so easy to beat yourself up when you’re not where you want to be writing wise, and it can suck. Personally I’m not going getting too caught up with web surfing.

    ACORAS sounds really awesome! I’m glad it’s stronger.

    Sidenote about Maggie Stiefvater’s blog, I’m really impressed with it as well. Have you seen her trailer? That’s so much effort! Same for Jennifer A., can’t believe she did all that either!

    • Savannah Foley says:

      Hey Fiona,

      I was super impressed with Maggie, too! I consider myself artsy but her illustration/painting talents leave me shamed. Shamed.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts :-)

  2. Rowenna says:

    First–love the redecorating projects! I’m in the middle of a few myself, and the difference you feel being in a room you love vs a room that rubs you the wrong way–it’s incredible!

    I think sometimes you need those refocus, reorganize periods in life. We’re not automatons–we aren’t made to chug through without breaks for recentering ourselves! I know I had to do this recently and I have so much renewed energy and excitement. That, and I learned “never try to move and keep up with writing goals at the same time.” :P

    PS I know exactly what you mean about that period of writing in high school…it’s strange, but reading back over it, I sometimes think some of my best stuff was written when I was 17 because it was so focused, so internal, and written to please no one but itself, if that makes sense.

    • Savannah Foley says:

      Hey Rowena,

      Love your comment. I know exactly what you mean in all three counts :-) I struggled with my office area in particular for nearly 3 years now… All my life I’d been in west-facing rooms and suddenly this one was east-facing and as someone who’s very directionally oriented this seriously messed with my brain space. I finally figured out which corner would be the least distracting and now I LOVE my office!

      Sometimes I feel like everyone else has a handle on their lives and doesn’t need to take these periods of reinvention. I realize logically that’s silly, but still :-)

      High school was the best for writing/reading. I read two books a day, the library was in the same building I was obligated to be in all day, and I wrote instead of doing homework! I do understand what you mean about pleasing only one’s self. That’s something I try to keep when I write today.

  3. Mathilda says:

    I just have to say that I love the teal color on your wall (and of course the rose painting in your office! Close-up, please!)! Whenever I go through a different phase in life, I feel a need to change and improve my surroundings so that the mold fits the content, so to speak. It’s clearly one of the best ways to acknowledge change. Your home looks fantastic :)

    I’m also really happy that you feel so good about ACORAS and am (of course) super curious about the changes. Could I maybe ask for a little sneak-peak?

    • Savannah Foley says:

      Lol I was wondering if you’d see that. I’ll send you a pic… I was going to wait and post it here when I finished but I don’t quite seem to be able to, lol. I think I may just leave it as the roses; doing the title letters would take so much time and I know I”d mess it up.

      And I do totally owe you an excerpt… I’d send you the whole thing but it’s in pieces right now. I’ll think of something :-)

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