9 thoughts on “Your Heroine Does Not Need Violet Eyes

  1. emma789 says:


    Thank you, this was fantastic. And so totally true. I get so sick of characters “getting lost” in someone’s specially colored “orbs” that allowed them to “see into each other’s souls.” I haven’t run across any funky birthmark stories yet. But really? Specially shaped birthmarks? :) Fantabulous post.

    • bee245 says:

      I have! Can’t remember the book but I do remember that the birthmark was split between two people…no doubt the author’s idea of a good enough twist.

      Awesome post :D.

      • lalaith7 says:

        Funny shaped birthmarks always remind me of my ignorant childhood days when I thought that a “star” on a horse or cattle was actually star shaped. This is also before I knew that bay, chestnut, sorrel, and all those other lovely horse adjectives were actually very specific color and marking combinations. Thank you ANSC 107 & 108 for enlightening me…

  2. lalaith7 says:

    I love you Savannah! his totally totally needs to be said. Personally I have blue eyes and come from a part of the country where they’re more common than, well, the rest of the country, but no one ever has violet eyes and green eyes are so incredibly rare so unless they hav colored contacts or whatever it bugs he crap out of me when authors make their characters so unreal like that.

    The other problem is that it contributes to people putting larger significance on their eye color and needing to feel that it’s special. People who say they notice someone’s eyes first when they meet them either are guys trying to be polite, or are making it up. I make eye contact with people when I speak to them on the general whole but unless I’m really focused on their eye color I’m not going to remember it, and just because being born into a blue-eyed family makes me partial to blue eyes doesn’t mean I cannot find non-blue eyes attractive (a friend of mine has beautiful ginger eyes that match his lovely ginger hair.) If I have to reassure my best friend one more time that her eyes are pretty and special (which actually, they’re not they’re plain Hazel just like half the population of everywhere, but that doesn’t matter because special or unique eyes does not a pretty or special person make, if only I could make her understand that instead of nodding smiling, and agreeing by lying through my teeth.) let’s just say it’s not going to be pretty.

    so in summary I totally agree and I will actually probably stop reading your story if the heroine (or hero) has special eyes unless A) there’s a very special reason for it or B) when ever it’s mentioned it turns out to be somewhat humorous, like the story I recently read in which a heroine refused to believe that her eyes were “violet” insisting they were blue.

    • aekubo says:

      You can watch X-men. One of the characters can shoot lasers out of his eyes.

      The downside is that he has to wear special glasses all the time or else he’ll kill everyone ):

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