About Me

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In a nutshell…

I am a former founding member of Pub[lishing] Crawl, a blog for young and new writers. I started writing books at age 15 and over a decade later I haven’t stopped!

I write about…

Young Adult stories with an element of fantasy. My writing style is straightforward but embellished, and I take special care with the emotional buildup in my stories. I want to write un-put-down-able books that leave you aching for more, or just plain aching.

I’m passionate about…

Writing as a spiritual life journey. Dedicating to my craft has taught me so much about how to be a better person, and thus a better writer. Some of my favorite lessons from writing are patience, self-honesty, hard work, compassion, endurance, and how to let go of negative feelings to focus on living a peaceful, happy life. I blog about the process and invite you to share your story, too!

I’m from…

I was born and raised on a small farm in Washington State, running wild in the woods, squelching through ponds, and playing with an eclectic mix of farm animals. When I was 16 my family relocated to Chicago, and a year later we moved to Huntsville, AL, which I’m now proud to call my home.

You should also know…

  • I’m married to my best friend and favorite person, Chris (We met in an Enchanted Forest, can you believe that?)
  • I have a biscuit-colored Samoyed named Bella I rescued off Craigslist, an evil, tiny cat named Mia that showed up outside the break room one day and picked me as her new mom, and a goofy, sweet pyrenees/lab mix named Grace we adopted last December.
  • I work full time as an HR Manager and write on lunch breaks.
  • I’m going to school full-time, too! Graduating Summer, 2018.
  • My Meyers-Briggs type indicator is INTJ.
  • I’ve been learning to read Tarot cards since 2013.
  • I’m also really tall!

What I’m Working On (Winter, 2017/2018)

You can check out all my projects in the menu above titled ‘Books’, but right now I’m waiting on feedback from a friend regarding codename: Shotgun Girl, and actively editing Nameless.