Birthdays, Visits, and Horse Races!

I’m socially exhausted these days, and for that I apologize. Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few months:

Kat Zhang came to visit!

As you may know, Kat and I have been friends since 2010 when we were both contributors to the blog project Let The Words Flow. Kat came down to spend the night with me on her way home from some traveling. Here’s what we did:

sav makeupKat put some intense makeup on me using techniques she learned from assisting a professional photographer with shoots. This eye makeup was crazy, yo. We also put red eyeshadow and gold sparkles on my other friend. It looked great!


The next day we went to brunch, and then rode horses at my family’s stables. That’s me leading a horse out to ride. My sister guided us on a mini trail ride and it was super fun. Kat was riding my sister’s champion horse, who loves to splash around in puddles. We got muddy!

sav by kat 200

Then we took an ATV out and Kat took some great photos of me and my sister down by the river, which was swollen from tornado-inducing storms the days before. This is my new social media profile picture! We also took some pictures of Kat, but my sister and I are enthusiasts, not professionals, and I guess they came out kind of blurry, lol.


Lastly we took some fun photos, and I love the way this one turned out!


I turned 25!

I bought some crazy lipstick and nail polish, wore a tiara like I just didn’t care, and went out for hibachi with my family and friends!

Sav birthday tiara


Thank you to everyone who sent me sweet birthday wishes through social media <3 You are so kind!

Hats and Horse Racing

My family has started up a horse stables, and this past weekend they invited a bunch of horse folks out for a big party to watch the Belmont Horse race. All the ladies were asked to wear fancy hats, so I present to you myself in 50’s themed fancy horse racing attire:

Horse race hats

I bet on Wicked Smart, who did not win, I am sorry to say. However, I did win the ‘best hat’ contest (by a majority), so there’s that.


I’m still plugging away at Cobworld edits, but I hope to be finished very shortly. Then I get to dive back into a previous project, and I’m just so excited I could burst.

Hopefully I’ll talk to you soon! ;-)

<3, Savannah

After Roses, with a Birthday Vlog!

Firstly, thank you to everyone who commented with love and support on the posts about finishing ROSES OF ASH. You have no idea what kind of confidence that gives me to keep moving forward. <3

Savannah and Heart
This is me trying to make a hand heart. But I’m bad at it because my thumb skin is naturally really curved…

Since it’s been a couple days I thought I’d update and let you know what’s been happening since the official finish:

I sent ROA to my first CP, and finished her edits last night. Thankfully the book seems to be in pretty good shape, and her comments had more to do with specific scene modifications than huge plot errors. Among her comments: “I love the fairytale tone of this. It really reminds me of the legends of old.” That sentence has pretty much carried me through the last week.

After a brief mishap where I lost a night’s work (thanks Open Office), ROA is now in the hands of my second CP. After her notes (and potential revisions), I will send it to my agent.

Now that ROA is off my plate (again), it’s time to return to NAMELESS revisions. I’m a little more than halfway through the book, and frankly feeling a little burnt out. Have you ever worked on a project so long you just get sick of it? The analogy I’ve been using is that NAMELESS is like a new adult who won’t move out of the house. I’m so ready for it to be out on the world and living on its own, but it still needs just a little more time and attention.

When I’m not working on NAMELESS (or ROA), I’m plotting and sketching out a brand new story, the pitch of with I’m excited to share with you today!

Here’s the one line pitch: It’s a Middle Grade magical steampunk Cinderella retelling, where instead of a slipper there’s an invention everyone is desperate to find the creator of, and instead of a Prince the goal is a scholarship to a Tinkering school.

I’ll share the full pitch soon (SOON!) in a later post once I hash out some of the later plot details. I already have the first chapter written and it’s adorable. But, I’ve never written a Middle Grade before, and this requires some research. If you guys could let me know your favorite MG books, particularly if they have magic in them, I would super appreciate it. I have some gift cards to B&N from my birthday I’m planning on using for research. I’ve already purchased a book called Creating Characters Kids Will Love.

Oh, did I not mention I had a birthday? Yeah, that happened on May 25th. Totally forgot to tell you guys. It was pretty neat. I even made you a vlog I planned to share, but then I forgot, and then it was out of date (it talked about me finishing up ROA and the plans for that, which you already know). However, I will share with you the intro I made for the vlog, where I sing and dance. Eep!


<3, Savannah

Happy Birthday to Me :-)

Today at Let The Words Flow I posted an article that was very hard to write, because it involved being very honest with myself, then displaying that honesty to the world.

Yes, it’s true… today is my birthday. Today I am 21. :-)

There’s a lot going on. I’m flying out Friday to see my close friend sjmaas get married. I’ll be staying in a hotel with meaganspooner and fellow LTWF contributor bee245.

Sarah pretty much changed my life when she contacted me back in October and asked me to be a founding member of LTWF. That group evolved my concept of the publishing industry and of writing culture itself. But there’s another person who changed my life more.

Even though he wouldn’t be with me today, Chris changed me into someone who’s confident, mature, and professional. Because of him I got a job at my current company, began agent-hunting, and eventually moved out and bought a house. Because he loved me I learned how to truly love myself. And even though the love between us is over (and, I fear, the friendship), the respect I gained for myself has remained.

As I say in the article, 21 marks a turning point for me. I feel like I’ve come into my own. Now that I have a legal license to venture into all parts of the world I actually feel ready to do so. And no one can take this type of awakening from me, even if they leave me, even if they hurt me.

It’s been rough. I’ve been sick. All I want to do now is fly to California, hang out with my writer friends, and forget all of this nonsense. But I think I’ve passed through the worst of it. Tonight, driving back from my parents house where we had Chinese food, watched a movie, and I forbade them from singing to me, I felt oddly uplifted. Like I can see the sun on the other side. Or maybe I’m just anticipating Santa Barbara ;-)

In any case, thank you to everyone for your kind birthday wishes. You all really made this day special <3