The Happiest Day of My Life

Saturday was the happiest day of my life… well, so far anyway :-) These are my top 3 moments:

First, Chris graduated!

chris and sav grad smallAfter six years of hard work and sacrifice… the late nights, the family events skipped, the constant pressure and stress, the leisure time clouded by the need to study, the daily commute, not getting home until 10PM… after all that my favorite person in the world finally graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree!

We were in the very back of the room. The graduates entered and we could see Chris looking around for us, but it wasn’t until he got to his seat that he looked back, and me being so tall of course I waved and he saw us, and his face lit up in this gleeful grin, and that was awesome, but hearing his name get called was even better. I was squirming like a puppy, and his sister and I jumped up and down and shrieked like maniacs.

Most of his entire extended family was able to come down for Alabama and be with us. The ceremony was short and sweet, and we all took bunches of pictures afterwards. Even though the singer forgot the words to the national anthem, and the announcer of names said all of them like he was announcing for professional wrestling (I’m not kidding. It was kind of amazing), it was just a perfect graduation, a perfect morning.

And then we got to party!

We had over thirty of our nearest and dearest out to Chris’s sister’s house for a pool party in celebration of Chris’s graduation. I wore a bikini for the first time and played pool volleyball, which is actually what I had just been doing when Chris gathered everyone together, presumably to make a little speech, and then cut the cake.

Chris talked for a minute about how glad he was everyone could be here, and how excited he was to graduate, then asked me to join him up in front of everyone. He said some very endearing things about how I’ve supported him through this process, and then…

Favorite moment #2:


party engagementWe had discussed getting engaged after he graduated, and had actually specifically discussed NOT doing it at the party (at my insistence) because that day was supposed to be all about Chris… but secretly I was hoping for it!

It was so wonderful to get to celebrate with all the central people to our lives (minus some family and friends who unfortunately due to distance or prior obligations could not be with us that day).

And my third favorite moment of the day…

Chris and I reclined on adirondacks by the glowing pool during a glorious pink sunset. We hadn’t slept well the night before, and the day had been exhilarating and exhausting. I was slipping in and out of consciousness. The gazebo was lit up with string lights, and a little fire pit was going, with the last of the party guests sitting around it.

It was truly just a great, great day.

<3, Savannah

It’s my Anniversary, and I Don’t Have Cancer

Today is the official 5-year anniversary of Chris and mine’s relationship. Five years ago today we ate pad thai in a park that we’d gone to the first day we’d met, made our relationship official, and then pretty much decided we would be together for the rest of our lives.

It hasn’t been a perfect journey. There were parts that were downright awful, but we got past them, and I still commemorate the moment when I knew Chris was my future. It feels like every year with him I’m happier than the one before.

When I was young, I was so scared of love and divorce. I recited statistics on infatuation, and made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t marry anyone I hadn’t been dating for 5 years, to make sure the infatuation had worn off. The cosmic joke is on me there, because it did work out that we’ll marry later rather than sooner. The thing about Chris though, is that I’m still just so darn excited about him. As time passed some studies did come out looking at the brain waves of couples who claimed to be as passionately in love with their partners after 50 years of marriage as they were when they started.

Their brain waves mimicked couples in young love.

Somehow, some way… it’s possible to carry that first spark, to keep it alive as a glowing coal your whole life.

I used to think I was unloveable. For my body and personality type, I thought the statistical likelihood of finding someone who would enjoy me as much as I enjoyed them was impossible. I was wrong. I don’t know how I got so lucky. That I could find someone my height, my perfect ‘type’, who is hilarious and sweet and super intelligent, and loads of other great adjectives, who actually loves and supports me… I am grateful every day for that.

Today is also the day I was scheduled to get my test results. Not anything major, just that yearly test women have to go through. But there’s always that moment of pause, when you’re waiting for the automated computer to tell you whether they found cancer or not. That question of, what if…?

There’s been cancer in my family, on both sides, in relatives in their 80’s and newborns. Me having it isn’t an unlikely thing. And I know how quickly something as wonderful as an anniversary can turn into years of chemotherapy, radiation, and hospitals. Losing my hair. Having parts cut off. Losing things more important than that, like strength and the energy to write or even speak.

But that’s not my future this year. I shared the good news with Chris, and of course he was glad, but he said something else that stuck with me: we would get through it. Even though we are young and beautiful, and enjoy that, he would love me with no hair and a double masectomy.

I have long known I would love Chris no matter what happened to him. Exploring my capacity to love this way was incredible, and receiving that heartfelt message from him was the best anniversary present I could have gotten.

(Although the German cheese slicers were also very nice. Cheese slicers are kind of a thing in our relationship.)

That’s all I wanted to say. It’s my anniversary, and I don’t have cancer. And I’m very grateful.

Also get one of these cheese slicers. You won’t regret it.

<3, Savannah


Things I’m Up To and Into

First, I want you to know I’m working on subsequent articles about social issues related to beauty, makeup, weight, etc., but I’m trying to move slow with them so I’m certain of my position and how I want to talk about this stuff. Glad to know you guys are as interested in it as I am :-)

Here are some things I’m doing now:

Writing. It’s been a bad few weeks, writing-wise. I’ve been stuck and unsatisfied, but it worked out, like it always does. I took a few steps back and just let my characters play around, and broke through my obstacles. Just asking myself, ‘how are they feeling in this scene? What do they want right now?’ really, really helps. I’m considering making posters of writer’s-block-breaking questions like this.

So ACORAS is moving forward, and I’m tinkering in my mind with a few side projects.

Running. Chris and I ran THREE MILES on Saturday! Whaaaat! Full disclosure: I only made it 2.25 before I had to stop and walk, but I finished strong!

Planning for Halloween. I’m attending a conference in early October in Atlanta, GA, and there’s going to be a costume ball! This year I’m going as Persephone when she’s Queen of the Underworld. My vision was big, black, and gauzy. Here are some of the inspiration photos:


I’ve also ordered a black wedding veil, and my sewing-talented mother is getting involved, so I can’t wait to show you all the final product. What are you going as for Halloween?

Last year I felt pretty lackluster about Halloween and autumn in general, so this year I avoided thinking about it so I’d feel ready to do it big!

I’m really loving this Martha Stewart Halloween Handbook. Picked it up at the magazine rack at the grocery store.

You can see my other Halloween plans here on my Pinterest board.

Preparing for Christmas. Every year Chris and I throw a party at our house for our two families. This year we went with a Godfather theme. Here’s the party invitation:

The menu includes  Chris’s Nana’s meatball recipe, home-made baguettes for custom crustinis, and home-made cannolis. Chris tested out the cannoli recipe at my parent’s house this weekend and they were so good. We made them with Kahlua filling ;-)

My color theme for Christmas this year is light green and silver. You can see my decorating ideas here on my Pinterest Christmas board.

…Have I mentioned that I love holidays?

Take special note of this pin. I’m currently making it in white and green.

DIY. Speaking of Pinterest, it led me to discover tons of DIY projects that rip off Anthropologie decorations. If you’re like me, you love Anthro but don’t want to pay the high price. Now you don’t have to. Special thanks to this blog, my new favorite.

Music. I’m adding music all the time to the ACORAS playlist, if you were interested. The latest piece is this absolutely beautiful instrumental piece from one of my favorite calming music artists, Liquid Mind. It literally made me cry. Do you know how rare that is?

I’m also loving Little Talks from Of Monsters and Men. I designed an animated music video for it in my head that is about ACORAS. What? You do it, too.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Chris and my dog Bella wrestling on the floor:

What are you doing for Halloween? What are you into lately? Got any Christmas plans yet?

<3, Savannah

What My Love Story Taught Me About Fictional Love

Today is Chris and mine’s 4-year anniversary.

Despite our rough patches (our called-off engagement, our subsequent breakup and reunion now 2 years in the past), we are still happy, in love, and planning to stay together for the rest of our lives. Breaking up was one of the worst things that ever happened to me, but it also taught us something about commitment, quality of life, and the sustainability of love.

In the end we decided there was no one else we’d rather be with. In fact, the day I wrote this we spent our lunch break attempting to nap together, but laughing too hard to settle down for the whole hour. Chris is truly my life partner; we plan our finances together, we pursue the same goals, we remodel the house together, we grocery shop together… I’m very lucky to be able to say my boyfriend is also my best friend.

Being in love as a teenager, and then morphing into this type of adult love, gave me new insight into fictional love stories, especially in YA. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Love at First Sight: I see this one complained about very frequently. Readers and reviewers say, ‘Ugh, so suddenly she meets this guy she’s instantly attracted to and can’t stop thinking about? Puh-LEEZE!’ And to this I say, ‘You’ve been in love before, right?’

LAFS exists, definitely. Sure there are lots of relationships that started as friendships and slowly burned towards romantic feelings. But for everyone I can name in my personal life, they met their significant other and were instantly attracted and interested.

My grandparents had LAFS (while my grandmother was engaged to another man, no less!), my parents had LAFS (my dad ran across this huge bar and parking lot to talk to her after one glimpse of my mother), and I had one.

My love story is well-documented so I won’t repeat it here, but I remember those feelings very clearly. Dazzlement, anxiety, desperation, fear… I would have done some crazy-person things to ensure I got to continue to talk to Chris the first time we met.

So I do definitely believe in Love At First Sight, and I will defend it in YA stories. I want my characters to have that same hope coupled with doubt that I had, but underneath I want them to have an instant attraction to this person. A connection. A spark. Even if they both have to hide it or pretend it doesn’t exist, there needs to be a reason for these two strangers to start to care about each other, or else frankly often we’d have no story.

Sustaining Love: The problem with LAFS is that those stories can easily be all about the courting stage: Oh wow, they like each other! Oh no, there are obstacles! Will they get together? YES, they got together, hooray!

…Now what?

It’s absolutely fun to write about butterflies, tingling, and desire. Fun to go through it, fun to recall it, and fun to read about it. But for longer stories, eventually the two characters will have to settle down into day-to-day life with this love interest, and some stories just can’t survive that.

I see this happen a lot in book series. At the end of the first book, the characters get together. Yay! Then in the second book, circumstances arise that tear them apart. Will they get back together? Can they reconcile? End of the second book comes and YES they can and they did! Hooray!

But again… now what? That story isn’t about mature love. It’s about going through those butterflies and tingles again. It’s about desire, and ache, and blossoming relationships.

You know what I love? When characters maintain their relationships and have to deal with real challenges, but get over them together as a couple without being broken up.

One of my favorites here is in the Kushiel’s Dart series. After the two love interests get together, their faith in and support of each other helps them overcome the challenges of subsequent books. They spend a lot of time apart, but aren’t broken up, just supportive from afar. I liked seeing that MC go through personal challenges and missions, while desiring to get back to her life partner.

The Hunger Games is another example. Spoilers for those who haven’t finished the series!  I felt like the third book especially demonstrated Katniss with more mature-like relationships with her love interest. She and Gale partnered on various projects and missions. They trusted each other. They depended on each other. They had an unresolved romantic tension, yes, but I felt like their friendship could have easily transformed into a sustainable romance. In the end, of course, we learn along with Katniss that Gale’s actions have made him ineligible to be her partner, but then we get to witness another mature relationship between her and Peeta. It’s summarized, but we see them working together, supporting each other, and eventually guiding each other through parenthood.

Because I have lived through a relationship that started off with fuzziness and butterflies, and evolved through tribulation into a sustainable romance, I like to give my characters the same experience. I want the person they end up with to be a compatible life partner for them. Not someone to oggle at forever, but who they can talk with, laugh with, and work with. Someone they understand, but more importantly, someone they enjoy.

Even as a writer, even with 4 years to think about it, I am still unable to define exactly what it is that makes me love Chris. There’s just something about him I find fascinating and enjoyable. He’s not the same type of person as me. We often don’t think the same. Our ideological values are often different. But I love to hear his thoughts and get his opinion. Even the minutiae of his life is interesting to me, because it comes from him.

Chris delights me. It’s that delight I try to give to my characters… someone they bond with and enjoy, who can grow with them, and challenge them.

True relationships aren’t based off infatuation, but deep caring and a dedication to the long-term. And that’s what love has taught me :-)

<3, Savannah

Last Day on Earth

In honor of the Fauxpocalypse, I thought I’d share one of my favorite songs (as well as some tidbits about my projects):
This song always reminds me of Chris. If it was the last day on Earth, he would be the person I would want to spend it with. And, considering that today might have been, this indeed became my plan. We hung out and did our usual stuff: errands, cleaning, and working. He on programming, me on writing.

Chris was one of the first believers in my Sleeping Beauty retelling. We would play Tetris for hours and discuss possible plots. If it weren’t for these discussions the book would never be as far as it is today – over 51k!

I wrote nearly 2k today and hit a bit of a snag: As I’m approaching the ending, I realized I didn’t know… precisely… how it ended. I knew who died and lived (and yeah, I’ve totally had the death scenes written out for weeks, because that’s how I roll), but beyond that… not a clue.

But we just went outside and walked around the yard in the dark, and figured out the whole, twisted ending, with hidden motivations that could surface in a sequel. And that made me incredibly happy.

The process of coming up with a plot is long, slow, and yes, magical. It’s a type of faith, to go into a story with only the most basic of plot points, and trusting your own subconscious to fill in the rest. Often I go into a story with no real idea of what will come next. But it does come. Miraculously, the story works itself out.

Of course, it does help when you have someone to bounce idea off of :-)

One of the better Fauxpocalypses, I believe…

Tornadoes, Disney World, and Lady Gaga

I live in north Alabama. Last week we were hit with one of the worst tornado disasters in nearly a hundred years. Me and mine are safe and well, but the close calls are chilling. The F5 tornado flattened homes less than a quarter mile from my parent’s house and destroyed trees in their neighborhood, and a lesser tornado appeared right over Chris’s sister’s house, to miraculously no damage.

My neighborhood was fine, but for a little while there I was huddled in the bathtub with my cat and my laptop (shows you my priorities, lol). Then the power went out. And didn’t come back on for 5 days.

All of north Alabama was without power. And then, no gas. Food was luckily not a problem; Chris and I managed to get a bunch of dried goods (hello poptarts, goodbye diet) on my last quarter tank of gas but then we were pretty much stranded until the stations got generators set up and more gas shipments in.

Then, on Saturday we decided to get the hell out of dodge, and drove down to Florida with Chris’s mom to watch the second to last space shuttle launch, which was scheduled for Monday. It got delayed, so we went to Disney World instead :-) But it was crazy driving down, because we went west across to Georgia first, and nobody had power until we hit the state line. We drove past swaths of destruction incredible to behold; flattened homes, trees broken off like toothpicks, road debris, etc. I felt so lucky to be able to feed and house my family, let alone being able to take a spontaneous vacation to Florida.

Disney World was pretty neat, though I think I was too old to see it for the first time. The workers were not so happy and some of the rides had issues, but overall it was a good time. I ate one of those huge turkey drumsticks while walking through the park, and have never felt more disgusting, lol.

You can see a few pics on my FB here if you like, or here.

We came back on Monday, and my company finally started back up today. It’s super busy here but I just wanted to update and let everyone know that everything is okay, and we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon :-) Not to mention I’m DYING to get to edit again; with no power I couldn’t write!!!

Also, tomorrow I’m posting a parody song at Let The Words flow. It’s a parody of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi, entitled Fandom, and yes, I’m actually singing in it (God help us). :-) Be sure to stop by and give it a listen!


Thanksgiving: Plain and Simple

I wrote out a huge long post on the philosophy of humanity that I’ve learned this year, but I decided not to post it. I don’t want to focus on the negatives. I’ve endured a lot of negatives this year, and though I could have had it much worse, it was still no picnic, and the most terrible thing I’ve gone through so far. So I’m done.

Do you hear me, universe? I’m done. I’m so effing grateful sometimes I could just cry. I am violently grateful. I want to shout how grateful I am, except I know probably no one finds it interesting but me, so I’ll just post it here. Read if you like.

1) I am so very grateful that I live in America, that the economy hasn’t collapsed yet, that the world hasn’t ended yet, that I live in a safe, profitable town and I have financial security.

Recently I interviewed a girl who had been homeless for two years. Homeless, and she still held down a job, trying to save up money for an apartment. I’ve never been homeless. I’ve always had someone to take me in. Hell, I could probably find a home in 25 of the 50 states if I needed one, just from people that already care about me.

2) I am grateful that my cat’s growth was benign, that God sent me a wonderful dog right to my doorstep, that I will have years with these creatures before I have to say goodbye to them.

3) I am grateful that my family is all still alive, despite breast cancer, despite heart conditions, despite a concussion that could have turned deadly, despite horse riding accidents and car accidents and bullies and school shootings. I didn’t lose anyone this year, and I am so, so grateful I’m tearing up as I write this.

4) I am grateful that I have an agent when so many are still stuck in the querying trenches. I have a story that hasn’t sold yet but my agent still believes in me and wants to give it another go with this rewrite. My laptop still works, I can afford internet, I haven’t pissed anyone off online, I won NaNoWriMo. I’m going to finish edits in December and go back out on submissions, and God willing I’ll land a book deal and then I’ll be a published author and just pray on my knees every day how thankful I am that my dream came true.

5) Most of all, I am grateful for Christopher. My parents fell in love at first sight, my grandparents did it, and I did it. When he left this year I collapsed. I made very bad decisions. I felt cut off from myself. I knew I would always miss him, not because we’re cosmic twins or soul mates or any nonsense like that, but because we were partners and we’d grown together like trees and when he left the part where we’d grown into each other got ripped apart. And even when we weren’t speaking and I was so mad and hurt I wished I’d never met him, he was still the only person I’d want to be with if I knew the world were ending.

I had to be more brave and more independent than I’ve ever had to be. I had to confront my own issues and figure out what I could be doing better. And despite a road so fraught with bumps some of them were mountains, Chris and I managed to get back together.

I tell him I love him every morning, we take a nap together every lunch, he’s the last person I talk to before I go to bed, and every. single. day. I am grateful that I was lucky enough to find my partner, and that somehow we were both strong enough to make it work. It’s hard to talk about how much he means to me because of how badly we both acted, but I’m not going to be ashamed of that time in my life anymore.

I feel so profoundly about Chris that I don’t have words for it, and I will not apologize. It’s not puppy love, it’s not desperation, and it’s not a syndrome. He’s my Person. And I’m so grateful I could never say it enough.


I hope that you have things in your life that make you so grateful you can’t speak, or you want to cry. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family, and I honestly hope that every happiness will be yours, no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Life is short and we mess up far too frequently to wish anything else.



6 Moments in the Life of a Young Writer

True Stories.


I walked three blocks to the bus stop in the chill Washington air, wavering all over the sidewalk because I was finishing up a book from my high school’s library. When my bus arrived -number 105- I climbed into the humid interior and plopped down on a green seat, pulling Animorph books out of my backpack.

“Gimme Gimme Gimme!”

Diana, a Croatian exchange student, eagerly took the books from my hands and returned the ones she’d read last night.

I turned around to my friend Christine, who had printed off an epic fan fiction she’d been telling me about.

“I left it on the printer last night and my dad almost found it,” she said, handing over the unbound pages.

I laughed in horror. “Omg that would have been awful!”

“I know! I’d be grounded for weeks! Again!”


My best friend and her guy friend wriggled on the bed in front of me.

“See, if you do it like this, the non-dominant arms get in the way.”

“I see what you mean. Do it with you on top.”

They rotated.

“Is that comfortable?”

“Well, she’s making my belt dig into my skin. There’s a very narrow margin where this can be comfortable… too low and she’s on the goods, too high and she’s on the bladder.”

I studied them critically. “Can you try it against the wall? I had my characters do that once.”

They got up, and assumed the position by the nearest wall. They froze, as if for a photo-op. “Like this?”

“Yeah… is that doable for long periods of time?”

He started to lose his grip, and they crashed to the floor.

“I guess not,” I said dryly, and we all burst out laughing.


I put the cap on the black Sharpie and picked up the blue one. He sighed, and snuggled further into the pillow. I thought for a moment, then wrote a line from one of my poems on the skin of his back.

“Hold still,” I said, and held up my laptop to take a picture of my artwork.

“How does it look?” he asked, voice muffled.

I re-read every line I had drawn on him, my words smiling up at me, dark in contrast to his pale skin. I smiled. “You’re the most beautiful man in the world.”


I sat in the boardroom by myself, nervous that the phone from my desk would ring, or someone would knock on the door, or my cell phone would buzz. I didn’t want to be disturbed, but felt guilty for being unavailable, even for an hour.

I sat in the chair at the head of the conference table, then moved to the side, trying to pick the one spot in the room where I was most comfortable. I checked the time on my laptop. Two minutes. My work email had been closed down, and my manuscript was pulled up. The document included the agent’s name in it.

The phone rang.


I stared at my journal on the front porch. I hadn’t used it in two years, and didn’t really feel like using it now, but my counselor thought it would be therapeutic.

It was 5:30 but he wouldn’t be coming home to me anymore. I’d promised a rewrite to my agent, but I hadn’t worked on it in months. I couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep without crying. I stared at the paper with nothing to say. I set the journal down and put my head in my hands.


I drove home, singing along with the CD, happy because he would be there when I arrived, and my world had been put back together. My mind began wandering, and suddenly new characters popped into my head for the first time in three years.

“Yes!” I yelled, shaking my steering wheel. “Yes! Yes! Yes!”


Day Trips, Disasters, and Deliciousness

I’m at 35k on the Antebellum rewrite, and just finished chapter 10! That’s a third of the way! Thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed; your comments mean so much to me!

The voice of the Poetess has been really interesting to figure out, because in this version she’s younger than I’ve ever written her. I’ve tried to make her more ‘YA’ while still being true to herself, but YA means emotional hyperbole sometimes and she’s always been so reserved… Sometimes I can almost feel her blush in my head at the reactions of her younger self. So it was a huge relief to hear how much everyone enjoyed her voice.

Number Twenty-Three has also made an interesting change… I cut the explicit sexual abuse plot that existed in the original and left it as only the tiniest implication, so he doesn’t really have a reason to withdraw from her. I think I’ll have to go back and really make it obvious that he doesn’t want to be touched from the beginning, because by the fourth chapter they have to touch for practical purposes, and it kind of breaks the tension.

Man, I wish I could share more with you guys. In lieu of doing that, however, I started posting updates to one of my FictionPress stories, Of Coffee and People. It’s a comedy about four college students who move to upstate NY and start a coffee shop in order to care for one of their pregnant members. Chaos ensues.

I finished it when I was 17 in honor of a friend’s birthday, and haven’t touched it since. I love the characters, and the plot was a blast to write, but I thought about editing it a few months ago and decided I didn’t have the dedication to fix it right now. Still, it’s complete, and a good FP read, and when I posted updates the reviews I got were from former readers thrilled to see how the story progressed.

Back in the Antebellum world, I dedicated myself to writing 1,125 words a day and/or 3 chapters a week in order to be done by December so I could edit and have it done, done, totally done by January.

This is a chart I made to track my word counts over the days and weeks:

Yes, I’m one of those closet chart freaks. I love charts. Love them.


Tomorrow I travel to Nashville to see my friend and LTWF contributor katzhang! We’re going to a book festival, and we promise to take many fun pictures.

A few days ago on LTWF, we realized that ‘liber’ in latin means both ‘book’ and ‘freedom’. We all joked about the idea of getting tattoos that read ‘liber’, and while I’m not a tattoo person it was fun to pretend for a day, so I doodled this on my arm this morning:

I plan to give katzhang one when I see her!


In preparation for this trip, I went to get my oil change, only to discover it was basically a miracle my brakes hadn’t failed on me yet. There has been no squealing or grinding or anything! So I’m getting those done at 7AM tomorrow so I won’t be late for the festival.


I got a great review at work yesterday… I’m an HR Manager, and I used to be my boss’s administrative assistant, so there’s a lot of love there. Chris, my boyfriend, was thrilled about the review, so he brought me home some beautiful fall flowers, and these delicious fruit tarts:


The Sweetest Lemonade

In the old days Kings would send messengers to tack notices on walls to let the people know of changes or announcements.

Times have not much changed. We’re still posting announcements to walls, it’s just that these days the walls are on Facebook.

You can gripe all you want about social media and lack of privacy, but personally I like announcing changes to all my friends, family, and acquaintances at once. It’s easy, I get immediate feedback, and we can all have a community discussion. Plus I feel like a Queen in her tower, sending out notices to the peasants >:)

The other thing about Facebook is that it’s become a standard of officiousness, particularly where relationships are concerned. No more do you have to wonder at what point you become boyfriend/girlfriend with someone… if it ain’t on Facebook, it ain’t happening.

The point I’m leading up to is… as of last night it became Official… Chris and I are back together :-)

I have a lot I could say, but right now I’d just like to exhale and smile for a bit. And sip on this really delicious lemonade. I never could have made it without the lemons (are you tired of this metaphor yet?)

<3, Savannah