Discovering Middle Grade Fiction and Fun Steampunk Pictures!

The Golden Compass, Ella Enchanted, Catherine Called Birdy, Dealing with Dragons, Wringer, and the Giver. These were some of my favorite books as I was growing up. And they’re all Middle Grade.

Until about a month ago, whenever I thought ‘Middle Grade Fiction’, I thought of dumbed-down, overly-simplistic YA. Boy was I wrong. Strange how growing up makes you forget some stuff about being a kid. Those stories I list above are the same stories that made me think, ‘I want to make stuff like this!’

In the past couple weeks I’ve read a lot of modern MG, and have become completely enamored. I’m not saying it’s my niche as a writer, but looking back now I think that writing MG is what I intended to do all along, I just wasn’t aware enough to realize it.


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Recently I updated all my profile pictures. This is usually a stressful process that takes hours of careful grooming and posing.

Nah, I’m kidding. But it does take about 15 minutes, most of which is devoted to making funny faces. This time I decided to document the process and share some of the better outtakes with you:

Finally, runner up for new profile pic:

And what I actually went with (about an hour later):

Yes, I am wearing a shirt in this picture. It just happened to be a tank top.

In other news, I wrote 2.1k yesterday, 1k so far today, and am considering sharing another excerpt from the sleeping beauty story with you on Tuesday. Stay tuned to see if I actually do it!

Me with my Banned Books

This morning I’m going to try to finish chapter 7 of 30 before Chris gets up and we have to go do a bunch of errands. But I also wanted to share a picture I took for LTWF today. We invited our readers to share pictures of themselves with their favorite books, and of course we did it as well:

Here I am with my favorite Banned Book, Beloved by Toni Morrison.

It’s pronounced with three syllables, as in, ‘Dearly Beloved.’ And a quote:

“She cannot be lost because no one is looking for her, and even if they were, how can they call her if they don’t know her name?”

So they called her Beloved.