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On Growing Ideas From Inspirations to Novels

A long-time reader and friend (who wants to one day perhaps venture into novel-writing) asked me to write a post detailing how an initial inspiration becomes an entire novel. Therefore, in this post I talk about where ideas come from, how to get them, and how to turn some of them into full-fledged, novel-length stories.

“Where do you get your ideas?”

It’s the question writers are asked over and over, and the answer is inevitably the same: Everywhere! (Further delineated into: Dreams! Conversations! Books! It popped into my head!) But what does ‘idea’ really mean? What happens after the initial idea is found? Why do some ideas become novels and others… don’t? Here are my thoughts:

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On Endings

Disclaimer: I really wanted to write this with a sassy spin and lots of swearing. But I try to keep it PG-13 around here, so insert your own swear words at will.

I was asked to share my thoughts on writing endings, but here’s the thing: I’m not an endings expert. If I had to pick, I’d say I’m pretty much on Team Kickass Beginnings. Some writers struggle with hooks, or starting the story in the right place, but I’ve got that stuff on lockdown. Endings, though? Not my strong point.

Then I realized the reason I don’t think they’re my strong point is because I’ve struggled with them so much in the past, which actually means I’ve had to learn how to write good endings instead of relying on instinct. So these are the things I know about endings:

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