Why I Left Pub Crawl

I sent out a brief notification on Twitter, but now the official goodbye post is up over at Pub Crawl.

After two and a half amazing years, with all love and respect, I’m leaving the blog. This post explains why. To read my goodbye to my readers, along with a small recap of my more fun articles, please visit my goodbye post at Pub Crawl.

The short of it is that I’m trying to simplify my life, and give myself as much time and mental clarity as possible to focus on my writing.

The long of it is that as far back as August I knew I had to make a change, but dreaded the process. I dreaded what I would have to give up more than what I knew I would gain.

Then the other day I read a post about writing and not writing. The author said something I’ve heard a million times before, “Talking about writing is not writing.” But he also said something different, something that struck a chord with me: “Writing about writing is not writing.”

Throughout my time at LTWF and Pub Crawl, I became very good about talking about writing, and explaining about writing. But the time devoted to doing that doesn’t actually count as writing time. It’s not furthering my stories. It might clear up some of the noise in my head, but it’s not teaching me about my own novel.

As much as I loved being a part of LTWF, and as proud as I was of Pub Crawl, I’ve reached a point where things have to get condensed, and some things have to be cut. A ‘spring cleaning’ of my life, if you will. I decided a part of that cleaning needed to be stepping down from the blog. I post only once or twice a month, but the administrative requirements of the blog, and the constant checking and planning I do is what really takes up my mental time. Instead of pondering my plot and actively seeking new ideas, I worry about what to write next so I can deliver a quality article for our readers and meet the expectations of my team. I check our traffic stats. I comb Twitter for industry news and inspiration for articles, not my work.

A big deterrent to resigning was giving up the amazing opportunity that LTWF/Pub Crawl has been. I felt almost guilty… how could I even think of throwing in the towel when so many would love to be part of a project like this? I worried about giving up my platform for reaching people, not only from a promotional sense but in a way where I could positively affect the lives of young writers. But here another piece of writing knowledge comes into place: All the promotion in the world means nothing if your book isn’t good.

I can’t deliver a good product to my readers and myself if I stay distracted. And so I choose to refocus all that mental energy into my own projects.

I’m looking forward to my new freedom :-) Pub Crawl wasn’t a drag, not at all, but it was a responsibility, and the relief of that burden is uplifting.

What does this mean for my readers, both here and at the blog? I hope those of you who follow me exclusively at Pub Crawl will also choose to follow me here. I will still post articles as they come to me. I have upcoming stuff planned on magical systems, how to find community online, and the hard lessons of writing. Not to mention my personal rants and revelations, as always :-)

Other positive changes I’ve made include reading instead of watching TV (a resolution constantly being renewed, lol), getting a library card, and feeding my creativity through other mediums, like paper installations, painting, and remodeling my house. I’ve been quite busy, actually, and will make a personal update post soon, I promise :-)

I feel happy, I feel relieved, and I feel ready to get started on this new chapter in my writing life. Thank you so much to everyone who made the past two and a half years amazing. I’m so proud to have been a part of that amazing blog project, and I will treasure that memory always.



Pub Crawl launches today!

Pub Crawl is the newer, better version of Let The Words Flow, and it’s launching today!

Here’s the details:

  • It’s Pub[lishing] Crawl, or Pub Crawl for short.
  • The site was custom built by Susan Dennard and one of our exciting new members!
  • As stated above, we have exciting new members! Lots of them in fact! Supremely awesome, accomplished, kickass new members! We’ll be announcing a new one almost every day for the next two weeks!
  • Then, we’ll be re-introducing our old members with some fun interview questions. Not everyone is choosing to join us at Pub Crawl though :-(
  • The LTWF site will stay up, but we won’t be updating it anymore.

The goal for Pub Crawl is to bring you guys an even more amazing, professional blog focused on including you in and teaching you about the publishing and writing community. We’ve added not only more writers, but industry professionals who’ll be able to shed some light on what goes on behind-the-scenes in the industry. It’s the same friendly, open spirit of LTWF, just with a new domain and colors :-)

We’ve been planning this for MONTHS and are so incredibly excited to finally get to share it with you! Please come and check it out!

<3, Savannah