Finished the Rewrite!!! And please recommend me some books!

Yesterday I finished the rewrite of Nameless!

I had decided to scrap the entire last third that I wrote during NaNoWriMo because it wasn’t organic and I cringed through every chapter. Pro tip: When you cringe, you cut. End of story.

The end result is 100% better but it still makes me nervous. I sent it all away to my first CP so we’ll see what the verdict is. In the mean time… I want to catch up on my reading!

What YA books do I absolutely HAVE to read? I’ve already read the following:

Living Dead Girl
Anna and the French Kiss
Forest of Hands and Teeth
The Summer I Turned Pretty

Conditions: I’m not really a fan of sarcastic narrators. Fantasy preferred, but not mandatory.

Show me what you got!

Agent Talk –> Revisions!


I know, I know, I should have been updating as I went, but I spent all weekend immersed in my own fantasy world, and I’m just rising up out of it now:

On Friday I had a 45-minute update talk with my agent! Antebellum is still out with 3 publishers, and it’s going out to a 4th soon for YA. After that the strategy is to switch to Adult publishers. Very exciting there.

I’m shelving Go Look There for now. We decided that I needed to be published a few times before we can approach such a complicated an unique project. Plus, it needs to be longer and more developed, and I already have a feeling that’s going to take me several years of kicking around in the back of my head before I know the right direction to go.

And, the third big thing…. APOSTASY EDITS!!!

Apostasy is the book after Antebellum; the second in the trilogy/quartet (there’s an idea for a prequel but I haven’t written it yet). Apostasy was actually my readers’ favorite when it was posted on FictionPress. It takes the characters of Antebellum and gives them an action and intrigue-based plot, along with temptations and a surprise ending. :D It also takes place almost entirely in the East Hall, which is far more beautiful and technologically advanced than the North Hall, where Antebellum took place, so that’s major fun there. Finally, we get to use phones and computers!

But, Apostasy was a huge baby, at 128,000 words. Now, that’s not as bad as some writers I know (a friend of mine recently confessed she had an unedited novel at 300,000 words!!!), but still way too long. Antebellum barely breaks 85,000, so I need Apostasy to be closer in size.

The other thing is… I put off editing Apostasy for a year. Which is very disappointing, I know. Believe me, I felt guilty. But it was just such a mess towards the middle that I simply couldn’t confront it. Until, of course, I had to. My agent said that I needed to get it in very presentable shape in case someone wanted to see it.

Actually, last summer I was really getting into it, and I had created beautiful chapters in one character’s perspective, but then I suffered a hard drive crash! After I got a new hard drive, I could barely look at the story again, knowing that I had lost bits that were so beautiful. But, I worked through it and got all of those perspectives edited. Wonderful. Great. Now on to the other perspective, the one I didn’t like so much…

Yeah, so I didn’t start working on that one until a month or so ago. And the day I finally picked it up was the day that Chris told me he didn’t want to get married. So down it got put again, until a few weeks ago when I did a final read-through, making minor edits but mostly just giving up and re-familiarizing myself with the story.

So that’s where I was when I had a talk with my agent on Friday. I had re-read through and fixed some logistical errors, but it was still a no-go. And, guilt-induced, I promised I would get it to her as quickly as possible.

Cue frantic editing. But at least the guilt gave me the motivation to get a move on this time! I am proud to say that I have come down 12,000 words already and I still have a huge chunk left to get through, so it’s sure to come down more!

I also isolated about 150 pages that I absolutely hated, pulled them into a separate document, and have been going through and giving them a complete re-write, which includes condensing the plot and removing 2 very superfluous sex scenes :-) (to the disappointment of several of my Twitter followers).

So, that’s where I’m at. Falling deep into the Apostasy world every night and beautifying my characters/plot. With frequent breaks to check on Twitter and respond to Let The Words Flow Emails.

So tell me: Do you hate editing or love it?