My Picture Book Save the Dates!

This post is severely delayed — My Save the Dates went out months ago but due to some poor planning on my part (*coughcough*Gave them all away and just found a sample from the printers*ahem*) couldn’t get all the photos I needed until just now. Enjoy! :-)

You might recall that Chris and I got engaged this August. In fact our wedding is only 29 days away!!!

After a solid month of watching Say Yes to the Dress, and pinning my posterior off every evening, I’d gotten my fill of Wedding Fever and settled down with a practical, fun-oriented wedding plan.

wedding colors

The dress has been ordered, the venue booked, the caterer chosen, the decorations planned, the wedding party nullified, and so we came down to… the Save the Dates.

Above all, I wanted something that represented Chris and I as a couple. I played around with a few ideas…

From traditional…


To Laser cut…

laser cut

To a package including seed bombs

seed bombs


I had The Idea.

I’m a writer, yeah? And Chris and I literally met in an Enchanted Forest. And we’re getting married on our 7-year anniversary, which is such a lovely fairytale number… It seemed like there were lots of really cute coincidences here that could be taken advantage of.


*cue choirs of angels and lots of open-mouthed grinning*

Therefore, I present to you my Save the Dates, in picture book format:

The Two Travelers

Here’s the process behind how this adorable booklet came to be:

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A Wedding, and New Zealand!

Life has been very good — and very busy! — over the last few months. First up — my sister got married this weekend!


The ceremony took place at my family’s stables, with reception in my parents’ backyard. It was lovely and filled with light, but best of all it was filled with family!


Here’s me with some of my cousins (and an aunt!) up in Nashville two days before the wedding. Most of the family flew into Nashville the first night so we went up and stayed with them, and partied on Broadway. Let’s just say much fun was had by all, and leave it at that.

My family is big, and loud, and full of love (and partying!). One of my favorite parts of the wedding reception was dancing down a line of clapping relatives and getting goofy with it. The photographer was snapping away like mad so I should have some delightfully ridiculous photographs to show you eventually.

New Zealand

Long story short, my sister (not the one who got married) has an opportunity to live with and learn from an amazing horsewoman in New Zealand who has stayed with our family before, so I agreed to accompany my sister over to New Zealand and get her settled in for her two-month-long stay. We leave in two weeks!

This will be my first real out of the country experience (I went to Canada once as a kid, before they required passports, so that doesn’t really count) and I’m thrilled nearly almost unto death!

Any followers in New Zealand, or Sydney for that matter? My sister and I have a 13-hour layover in Sydney and we’re doing a whirlwind tour!


Except for an interlude for the wedding, writing is going very well! I’m working on edits for Cobworld and still brainstorming on Shotgun Girl, but it’s all taking form. I was hoping to be able to work on Shotgun Girl for NaNoWarmUp, but unfortunately with the edits and the traveling (!!!!!) I don’t think that will take place. But here’s the current playlist for Shotgun Girl if you’re curious!

Talk to you soon!

<3, Savannah

PS: Here’s a ‘before and after’ on my wedding hair! The hairspray/teasing combo gave me hard little hair nuggets that took two shampoos, a hair mask, and brushing in the shower to get it all out! Worth it though :)

wedding hair

Happy Birthday to Me :-)

Today at Let The Words Flow I posted an article that was very hard to write, because it involved being very honest with myself, then displaying that honesty to the world.

Yes, it’s true… today is my birthday. Today I am 21. :-)

There’s a lot going on. I’m flying out Friday to see my close friend sjmaas get married. I’ll be staying in a hotel with meaganspooner and fellow LTWF contributor bee245.

Sarah pretty much changed my life when she contacted me back in October and asked me to be a founding member of LTWF. That group evolved my concept of the publishing industry and of writing culture itself. But there’s another person who changed my life more.

Even though he wouldn’t be with me today, Chris changed me into someone who’s confident, mature, and professional. Because of him I got a job at my current company, began agent-hunting, and eventually moved out and bought a house. Because he loved me I learned how to truly love myself. And even though the love between us is over (and, I fear, the friendship), the respect I gained for myself has remained.

As I say in the article, 21 marks a turning point for me. I feel like I’ve come into my own. Now that I have a legal license to venture into all parts of the world I actually feel ready to do so. And no one can take this type of awakening from me, even if they leave me, even if they hurt me.

It’s been rough. I’ve been sick. All I want to do now is fly to California, hang out with my writer friends, and forget all of this nonsense. But I think I’ve passed through the worst of it. Tonight, driving back from my parents house where we had Chinese food, watched a movie, and I forbade them from singing to me, I felt oddly uplifted. Like I can see the sun on the other side. Or maybe I’m just anticipating Santa Barbara ;-)

In any case, thank you to everyone for your kind birthday wishes. You all really made this day special <3